Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this course come with the book Unwanted:How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing?
A: No. Please order the book online or see if your local bookstore carries it.

Q: Is there group pricing?
A: Yes! There are discounts for groups of 5+

Q: Do you offer discounts for students?
A: Yes! For student pricing email and please provide proof of current enrollment.

I want to go through this with a group, does everyone need a subscription?
A: Yes! We take our terms of use seriously. Additionally, one of the signature features of this journey is a personalized self-assesment. This will be utilized throughout the curriculum to help users identify their core unwanted sexual fantasies and the key contributors to their unwanted sexual choices. 

Q: Is this something I can do with my accountability partner?
A: Yes! We strongly encourage you go through this with an ally. We have special pricing for that too. Add your accountability partner for $199 when you sign-up.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Please review all orders carefully. All sales are final.

Q: Do I have to join the private Facebook group?
A: No. The Facebook group is designed to help answer questions that come up for people as they journey through the curriculum. We fully respect that some individuals and groups would prefer to stay off a private FB page as they journey through the curriculum

Q: How is Journey Into The Heart of Man different than other recovery programs?
A: The premise of this guided journey is that embedded within your unwanted sexual behavior are clues to guide you to the freedom you seek. Other approaches to sexual integrity however are primarily centered on accountability, lust management, and learning about the nature of addiction. This leads to programs that more or less encourage you to combat, monitor, or suppress your lust. We are different because we are asking you to listen and study your lust. We believe unwanted sexual behavior can actually be a roadmap to healing, not a life sentence to sexual sin. Further, this program is comprehensive in its approach – there is an assessment tool, full length episodes, and detailed assignments that accompany you over a 5-7 month period of time. Unlike traditional “courses” that offer 20-40 minutes of content in short videos, this program has approximately 10 hours of material across 18 episodes. 

Q: I am a therapist, coach, pastor, or small group leader... would this be a good course for my clients or participants to use?
A: Yes, we have many leaders who are doing just that! 

Q: How do I add an ally?
A: Once you're signed up, you'll be sent a code in your course welcome email. (If you don't see it, check your junk folder, as it may be there). Pass that code along to a friend for their sign-up. If you'd like to purchase the course for them, sign out of your account, and enroll again in the class using their email. They'll get the email that their account has been added to the Journey.

Still have more questions? Feel free to email us!